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Australia Taylor Swift Favorite Color

amazing taylor swift favorite color

30 мар. 2016 г. - Ok, *deep breath* it is not red. I know I shocked as well! I mean she has an album called red and loves red lipstick. But truth be told it was called red not because . 9 мая 2014 г. - Taylor Swift has revealed a lot about herself through her music over the last eight years. Favorite color? Red, duh. Best year or her life? Taylor Swifts favourite color is white. 1234selenagomez said: Her favorite color is white, but she also likes blue, purple and sparkly stuff!!! Taylor Swift Favorite Color Movie Sports TV Show Perfume Biography Facts Taylor Alison Swift is an American country pop singer and songwriter who was born . 28 янв. 2018 г. - 6 Random Things Taylor Swift Loves. . My first Number 1 song had a 13-second intro. Every time I've been on . Oh my God, it's amazing." . Notable facts Taylor was raised on a Christmas Tree farm in Pennsylvania., Before she . Taylor, Incredible Things, Wonderstruck, and Enchanted Wonderstruck. 13 дек. 2018 г. - Lovin' him was red, but is it your favorite color too? . Can We Guess Your Favorite Color By The 8 Taylor Swift Songs You Choose? a member of BuzzFeed Community, where anyone can post awesome lists and creations. Facts. Full Name: Taylor Alison Swift Nicknames: “Tay,” “T,” “TayTay,” or . He used to be a Chicago police officer and told us heaps of amazing stories. It was the . 28 дек. 2015 г. - Read them here! 1. She was born on December 13 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania. The exact time she was born is 5.17 a.m 2. Taylor was .

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