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Fabulous Most Popular Favorite Color


Blue and red are cool, but blue is most used for sad faces and red for mad faces. Green is glad, but yellow is glad, bright, cheerful and happy. Yellow cheers you up when you're sad. Yellow is the color of gold given to the people who are #1. 31 Jul 2012 - Blue turned out to be most popular across the board, followed by green for men and purple for women. The color preferences break down as follows: A sample of 1,974 men and women were asked whether they preferred purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, or pink. 8 Apr 2017 - Think about your favorite color and try to explain the reasons behind having . for both sexes was the color blue, with green as the overall second best. strengthens the idea that blue really is the most popular of colors. 12 Mei 2015 - A worldwide survey reveals that blue is the most popular colour in 10 countries across four continentsincluding China. 18 Mar 2015 - Blue is the most popular color in the world as it is preferred in many countries. Though blue . What are the most common favorite colors or general color preferences of each culture? . The color of the sky, the sea, Blue is the best. A pure . 29 Jun 2017 - It is the world's favourite colour - but nobody can decide whether it is actually blue or green. . the world's most popular colour of Marrs Green is revealed during the exhibition 'Paper City' as part . “It feels absolutely amazing. Not of any particular item, just simply your favorite color. Rated 4 its not JB's fav. color he just looks good in it blue is his fav. color!! duhh watch the movie! A fun easy song to review colors. What's your favorite color? Leave us a comment . Show more. Show less . 5 Sep 2017 - We have collected survey data on favorite and least favorite colors for six years, . If you're creating something for seniors, using red could be a great choice. . Yes, and people wanted to vote for it for most AND least favorite. . Or maybe it was just a cool color when they were growing up in the first half of . 19 Jul 2016 - It's the non-toxic version of the world's most popular favorite color: blue. Some people are calling this hue the best color in the world. Here at .

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